Engineering SmartSwitch® Development Kits

NKK Switches' SmartSwitch development kits are available in a variety of product combinations for design flexibility

Image of NKK Switches' Engineering SmartSwitch Development KitsNKK's engineering SmartSwitch line of development kits are comprised of ten (10) kits. Each kit is composed of various SmartSwitch product combinations with controls for up to two SmartSwitches/SmartDisplays or one OLED rocker. Flash memory is provided to store data, and schematics and firmware are included for firmware customization. The kits enable design flexibility and promote the functionality of how the SmartSwitch products can be utilized together.

OLED Engineering Kits User Manual

LCD64x32 Engineering Kits User Manual

LCD36x24 Engineering Kits User Manual

  • 1 M or 16 M on-board NOR Flash memory to store images, attributes, or any other information
  • Serial communication via USB (115.2 K, 1 start bit, 8-bit, 1 stop bit)
  • Auxiliary port with 7 I/O pins of microcontroller to control/sense other applications
  • Stand alone or real time operation
  • Preprogrammed for basic operation
  • Reports via USB the switch closures, releases, timer expirations, and addresses of the images displayed
  • Programmable to change the displayed images based on a switch actuation and user defined timers for stand-alone operation
  • Schematics and firmware are provided for user firmware customization
  • User can program the engineering kits using the PICkit3 and an adapter
  • Include 6 foot USB 2.0 A to Mini-B cable (IS-USB1)
  • Power specs: max. 150 mA @ 5 VDC
  • Can be powered either by USB or by optional 5 V power connection (0.100" spacing)

Engineering SmartSwitch® Development Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
IS-ENG-KIT-5-BC datasheet linkIS15BAFP4CF - LCD 36X24 BICOLORIS-ENG-KIT-5-BCIS15BAFP4CF - LCD 36X24 BICOLOR5 - Immediate
IS-ENG-KIT-5-BC product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-5-DC datasheet linkIS01BBFRGB - LCD 36X24 DISPLAY,IS-ENG-KIT-5-DCIS01BBFRGB - LCD 36X24 DISPLAY,5 - Immediate
IS-ENG-KIT-5-DC product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-5-SC datasheet linkIS15BBFP4RGB - LCD 36X24 STANDARIS-ENG-KIT-5-SCIS15BBFP4RGB - LCD 36X24 STANDAR4 - Immediate
IS-ENG-KIT-5-SC product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-8-R datasheet linkIS18WWC1W - OLED 96X64 ROCKERIS-ENG-KIT-8-RIS18WWC1W - OLED 96X64 ROCKER4 - Immediate
17 - Factory Stock
IS-ENG-KIT-8-R product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-6-DH datasheet linkIS01EBFRGB - LCD 64X32 DISPLAY,IS-ENG-KIT-6-DHIS01EBFRGB - LCD 64X32 DISPLAY,5 - Immediate
IS-ENG-KIT-6-DH product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-6-SH datasheet linkIS15EBFP4RGB - LCD 64X32 STANDARIS-ENG-KIT-6-SHIS15EBFP4RGB - LCD 64X32 STANDAR4 - Immediate
57 - Factory Stock
IS-ENG-KIT-6-SH product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-6-CH datasheet linkIS15ESBFP4RGB - LCD 64X32 COMPACIS-ENG-KIT-6-CHIS15ESBFP4RGB - LCD 64X32 COMPAC5 - Immediate
57 - Factory Stock
IS-ENG-KIT-6-CH product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-7-DS datasheet linkISC01P - OLED 52X36 DISPLAY, ISCIS-ENG-KIT-7-DSISC01P - OLED 52X36 DISPLAY, ISC3 - Immediate
IS-ENG-KIT-7-DS product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-7-FS datasheet linkISF15ACP4 - OLED 96X64 FRAMELESSIS-ENG-KIT-7-FSISF15ACP4 - OLED 96X64 FRAMELESS3 - Immediate
IS-ENG-KIT-7-FS product page link
IS-ENG-KIT-7-FF datasheet linkISF15ACP4 - OLED 96X64 FRAMELESSIS-ENG-KIT-7-FFISF15ACP4 - OLED 96X64 FRAMELESS2 - Immediate
IS-ENG-KIT-7-FF product page link
Published: 2018-01-30