Power GaN Solution

Engineers have long relied on silicon as their semiconductor of choice, but silicon’s effectiveness in power electronics has reached a plateau.  However, the industry still demands smaller sizes and higher performance. EPC’s GaN FETs can achieve higher switching speeds in a smaller package when compared to silicon enabling more efficient and power dense designs. In order to take advantage of these GaN characteristics, Texas Instruments offers the LMG1210 FET driver. This is a 50 MHz half-bridge driver optimized for high frequency GaN circuits. When looking for inductors to pair with it, Würth Elektronik’s WE-MAPI and WE-MAIA series are a great choice with their high current capacity and compact size. With GaN, applications such as DC to DC converters and Class D amplifiers can run faster and more efficiently while consuming less PCB real estate.


Featured Reference Design

Multi-MHz GaN Power Stage Reference Design for High-Speed DC/DC Converters

Multi-MHz GaN Power Stage Reference Design

This reference design from Texas Instruments implements a multi-MHz power stage design based on the LMG1210 half-bridge GaN driver and GaN power High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs). With highly efficient switches and flexible dead-time adjustment, this design can significantly improve power density while achieving good efficiency as well as wide control bandwidth. This power stage design can be widely applied to many space-constrained and fast response required applications such as 5G telecom power, servers, and industrial power supplies.

Learn more about this Reference Design in our Reference Design Library.


  • High Speed DC/DC Converters
    • Increased efficiency
    • Larger single stage conversions
  • Wireless Power
    • High switching frequency for high efficiency
  • Class D Audio Amplifiers
    • Increased efficiency
    • Less distortion
  • Power Inverters
    • Increased efficiency
    • Reduced size
  • RF Envelope Tracking
    • High frequency converters
    • Improved resolution and accuracy
    • Faster response times


Featured Products


  Image Part Number Description Vdss Id Rds(on) Qg Die Size
Datasheet EPC2040 EPC2040 EPC2040 N-Channel 15V 3.4A (Ta) Surface Mount Die 15 V 3.4 A 24 mΩ 745 pC 0.85 mm x 1.25 mm
Datasheet EPC8009 EPC8009 EPC8009 N-Channel 65V 2.7A (Ta) Surface Mount Die 65 V 4 A 90 mΩ 370 pC 2.1 mm x 0.85 mm
Datasheet EPC2039 EPC2039 EPC2039 N-Channel 80V 6.8A (Ta) Surface Mount Die 80 V 6.8 A 20 mΩ 1.9 nC 1.35 mm x 1.35 mm
Datasheet EPC2045 EPC2045 EPC2045 N-Channel 100V 16A (Ta) Surface Mount Die 100 V 16 A 5.6 mΩ 5.9 nC 2.5 mm x 1.5 mm
Datasheet EPC2016C EPC2016C EPC2016C N-Channel 100V 18A (Ta) Surface Mount Die 100 V 18 A 12 mΩ 3.4 nC 2.1 mm x 1.6 mm
Datasheet EPC2053 EPC2053 EPC2053 N-Channel 100V 48A Surface Mount Die 100 V 48 A 3.1 mΩ 12 nC 3.5 mm x 2.0 mm
Datasheet EPC2019 EPC2019 EPC2019 N-Channel 200V 8.5A (Ta) Surface Mount Die 200 V 8.5 A 36 mΩ 1.8 nC 2.8 mm x 0.95 mm

Texas Instruments LMG1210

  Image Part Number Description Supply Voltage Gate Type
Datasheet LMG1210RVRT LMG1210RVRT 200 V, 1.5 A/3 A Half-Bridge Gate Driver IC TTL 19-WQFN (3x4) 6 V - 18 V N-Channel

Würth Elektronik WE-MAPI/WE-MAIA Power Inductors

  Image Part Number Description Type Material Core Inductance Tolerance
Datasheet 78438356010 78438356010 78438356010 1 µH Shielded Molded Inductor 7.2 A 15 mΩ Max Nonstandard Molded Iron Alloy 1 µH ±20%
Datasheet 78438323047 78438323047 78438323047 4.7 µH Shielded Molded Inductor 940 mA 388 mΩ Max 1008 (2520 Metric) Molded Iron Alloy 4.7 µH ±30%
Datasheet 78438357010 78438357010 78438357010 1 µH Shielded Wirewound Inductor 7.4 A 13.5 mΩ Max Nonstandard Wirewound Iron Alloy 1 µH ±20%
Datasheet 78438357012 78438357012 78438357012 1.2 µH Shielded Wirewound Inductor 7 A 15.5 mΩ Max Nonstandard Wirewound Iron Alloy 1.2 µH ±20%
Datasheet 78438357018 78438357018 78438357018 1.8 µH Shielded Wirewound Inductor 5.8 A 21 mΩ Max Nonstandard Wirewound Iron Alloy 1.8 µH ±20%