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Conductive Containers, Inc.

- Conductive Containers, Inc. was founded by the inventor of Corstat (the first conductive corrugated packaging). CCI has solved thousands of static issues and developed considerable expertise in creating static control solutions. CCI has been involved in the protection of static sensitive electronic components for nearly 40 years and is the only charter member in the ESD Association that deals solely in static protective packaging.

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KleanStat Injection Molded Case

Cases that are ESD safe and permanently dissipative.

Publish Date: 2019-03-01

Welcome to CCI

A high-level introduction to Conductive Containers, Inc. An overview of available materials, processes, and general information.

Publish Date: 2019-03-01

Tacki Pak Off Road Test

Conductive Containers, Inc puts their innovative new product "Tacki Pak" to the test.

Publish Date: 2019-03-01

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