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PUI Audio, Inc.

Image of Audio Kits for Design Solutions

Audio Kits for Design Solutions

PUI Audio offers kits that cover any audio application. Designing audio components can be difficult due to the different sounds, frequencies, and sensitivities.

Image of The ASX10108-SPD-R Audio Exciter

The ASX10108-SPD-R Audio Exciter

Exciter powered by RESPEAKER CORE.

Image of PUI's Simulator Tool

PUI Audio Simulator

An online demo of our key products to include all product specifications, features, and the ability to play (hear) various voltage, frequencies, and wavelengths.

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What are Haptics?
High Performance - Xtreme Series Speakers from PUI Audio - delivering high power signals
The invisible, silent speaker - the power of the Silent Subwoofer eXciter
Waterproof Speakers and Microphones from PUI Audio
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Recent PTMs

5 minutes
SMT-0440 Series Surface Mount Transducers
PUI Audio's SMT-0440 series surface mount transducers are ideal for reducing the size of a hand-held device without sacrificing audible output or battery life.
5 minutes
Enclosed Speaker Components
Highlighting the components' operation and the benefits of the new speaker offerings from PUI Audio.
5 minutes
Side-Firing Washable Surface Mount Transducers
Even when standard solder pastes are used, component can be washed in high pressure without damaging the audio device.
5 minutes
SMT-0540 Series Surface Mount Transducers
This transducer offers sound output comparable to three times the size of the component, making it a ideal for the shrinking sizes of handheld devices.
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About PUI Audio, Inc.

PUI Audio, Inc. is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of quality audio devices and components including buzzers, alerts and transducers. Corporate offices, product development, engineering, sales and customer service are located in Dayton, Ohio.

Our growth and product innovation are the results of listening to our customers. With an extensive network of sales representatives, agents and distributors, we provide products and services throughout the world.

Whether your needs are for an off-the-shelf product or a custom design, PUI Audio has your sound solution.